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21st World Congress on Cancer and Diagnostics, will be organized around the theme “Explore the Recent Innovative Treatment & Diagnostic of Oncology ”

World Cancer 2021 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in World Cancer 2021

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The psychological, social, behavioural and moral aspects of cancer. Psychooncology focuses on the two great psychological dimensions of cancer- (1) patients' psychological responses to cancer at all stages of the disease, as well as their families and caregivers; and (2) the psychological, behavioral and social factors that may influence the disease process.

The dimensions of psycho-oncology have changed as more children and adults have earned the title of cancer survivor. The impact of cancer is far greater than the millions of new cancer cases worldwide each year. Many cancer patients remain out of sight of the health services due to societal stigma and lack of resources to diagnose, treat and support.


Cancer is a disease which has a capacity to differentiate rapidly and give rise to less specialized cells. Cancer cells may be capacity to alter normal cells. Cancer is a genetic disease caused by alteration in genes or DNA. Tumor cells can use the immune system to stay alive and grow. Tumor cells can keep immune from Killing. Cancer Cells are malignant; they can spread into nearby tissues. When Cancerous cells spread from one place to another body part called metastatic cancer. There are many types of cancer which named for the tissues or organs or cells where the cancer usually formed.

Cancer stem cell evidence declares the presence of the a little population of disease cells with characteristic functions taking into account protection from radio-chemotherapy organized and expanded metastatic ability. 

Most of the tumors aren't cancerous. The cancerous tumors are referred to as malignant tumors. In general, medicine implies the study of malignant tumors or cancer. The doctor WHO practices medicine is A medical specialist. There are completely different styles of oncologists. People who specialize in surgery are referred to as surgical oncologists. People who specialize in actinotherapy are referred to as radiation oncologists. People who specialize in the care of persons with cancer and administer therapy are medical oncologists.

“Prevention is better than cure.” – By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

It is extremely hard to understand why one people develop cancerous cells and another doesn’t. But some research and analysis showed that certain risk factors which may increase the chances of cancer.  Some of the common risk factors can be avoided such as lifestyle and environmental factors. Most of the researches have shown that the majority of cancers are caused by poor lifestyle like unhealthy diet, smoking and obesity. Not all cancers are preventable but we can slow down the risk of cancer by applying healthy habits, such as exercise regularly, quit smoking, limited alcohol intake etc.

There are four different Stages of Cancer, which include Stage 0 – when no cancer, but some abnormal cells that may give rise to cancerous cells, Stage 1 – When Cancer is located in small area, Stage 2 & 3- When Cancerous cell has spread to larger area including tissues and lymph nodes, and Stage 4 When Cancerous cell has spread to many parts of the body.

Diagnostic testing involves tests and procedures to verify the presence of malady and determine the right tumor sort, location, extent and stage. We have a tendency to use refined diagnostic technology to pinpoint and judge tumors, and develop a customized treatment arrange. Most of the cancer can be cured if it detect at earlier stage. There are many approaches to cancer diagnose and treatment cancer that will depend on the type of cancer and stage. Cancer diagnose approaches can be more than one. You can determine diagnosis what best is for depend on your own risk.

Cancer is the major causes of death in the world. The main aim of cancer treatment is to kill or destroy cancerous cells. Cancer is treated in many ways in which, counting on every person's medical condition and sort of cancer. Common treatments involve therapy. Different treatments embrace surgery and biological therapies.

Cancer screening tests goal to seek out cancer early, before it causes symptoms and once it should be easier to treat with success. Effective screening tests square measure those that:

1. Scale back the prospect that somebody World Health Organization screened often can die from the cancer.

2. Have additional potential advantages than harms. (Possible harms of screening tests include hemorrhage or alternative physical harm, inaccurate take a look at results, and over diagnosis—the designation of cancers that will not have caused issues and failed to want treatment.)

3. Diagnosis of cancer at its earliest stages typically provides the most effective likelihood for a cure.

The nervous system is common regulatory system in the human body. It is usually connected to the brain and the spinal cord through various nerves. Neuroendocrine cancers are type of cancer which rises in specialized cells. These types of cancer are rare but can occur anywhere in the body. Some cancerous cells grow rapidly and some grow slowly in the body.  Most common neuroendocrine cancer occurs in lungs, pancreas, appendix, intestines and rectum. Neuroendocrine cancer may be occurs in thymus, thyroid gland, pituitary gland and adrenal gland. Neuroendocrine cancer can be classified by site of formation.

The future of cancer management is anticipated to be deeply dependent upon the employment of biomarkers which will guide physicians at each step of malady management. Cancer biomarkers may be used for the correct analysis and management of the malady in several stages. They’ll be helpful for predicting many outcomes throughout the course of malady as well as early detection, outcome prediction and detection of malady return. Cancer biomarkers are sometimes biological molecules found in blood, alternative body fluids, or tissues that have been a proof of a standard or abnormal method, or of a condition or diseases.

diagnostic assay/surgery/biopsy is that the removal of tissue from any a part of the body to look at it for sickness. Some could take away a little tissue sample with a needle whereas others could surgically take away a suspicious nodule or lump. a diagnostic {test diagnostic assay} could also be performed with the assistance of Associate in Nursing imaging test, like Associate in Nursing ultrasound, CT scan, or imaging.

Cancer Immunology is the branch of biology in which explore the interaction between the role of immune system or responses and progression and development of cancer. Immunotherapy or biological therapy is the treatment of cancer in which doctors boosts the natural defenses to fight cancer.  There are the three classes of immunotherapy: Immune checkpoint blockade, cellular (t-cell) transfer therapy, Monoclonal antibody and vaccination. Immunotherapy causes side effects which include pain, redness and itchiness etc.

Drug Development is the lengthy procedure because it has ability new drug must be identified and assessed in preclinical and clinical trials. Drug development medication can happen some different ways. If scientist identify new drug by examine numerous compounds in a laboratory procedure for effective ways, like killing or destroying cancerous cells. Cancer drug development is to target DNA or protein. Currently researchers are looking for whole new set of targets. Development of anti-cancer drug is evolving a step towards the invention of novel therapeutics.

Current concept of understanding the kind of cancer invent to conceptual drug design, in which new substance is developed to target a specific disease procedure. At a time, factual medication are found to be having an effectual effect against a various type of cancerous cells. New discovery lead to alteration in designs how medication reach cancerous cells present among the body, thus leading to the capacity to develop a substance. At starting procedure is referred to target and lead identification, validation, and optimization.

Artificial Intelligence means human like intelligence performed by a computer, robot, or other machine. There is various kind of application and uses of artificial intelligence in the field of medical oncology and basic cancer research like in diagnosis, screening, imaging, drug discovering, clinical trials, pain management and treatments etc.  Recently technological uses and application of artificial intelligence in oncology are endless. Artificial Intelligence in Oncology covers a huge range of application in cancer management.  A new artificial intelligence (AI) system created that not only matches tumors to the best drug combinations, but does so in a way that makes sense to humans. Artificial Intelligence is expecting the best approach to cancer treatment.

Genomics is the study of genomes. It is a field of biology which involve the structure, mapping, evolution, and editing of genomes. The genome is the whole set of DNA, which include its genes. The study of cancerous genomes has disclosed the abnormalities in DNA or genes that leads to development and growth in various ways. The invention of cancerous causing genetic and epigenetics alteration in tumor has enabled the development of therapies which target there alteration as well as treatment and diagnosis test which identifies patients who may effective from these therapies.

Cancer syndromes is the genetic disorder in which hereditary genetic alteration in single or multiple genes predispose the affected of single to the development of tumor. Cancerous syndromes display a high risk of tumor. Hereditary genetic alteration play important role in approximately 5% to 10% of all tumors. These epigenetic alterations happen at different levels, which involve decreased mass degrees of the center histones, adjusted examples of histones post-translational changes and DNA methylation, supplanting of authoritative histone along with histone changes and modification non-coding RNA articulation, in the process of organismal maturing and replicative senescence.

Computational data mining has an ability to understand the difficulties of cancerous-related data has been caused by the application of computer and data sciences, which involve data mining, analytics, machine learning and benefits in imaging technology and probe creation. Computational modeling and simulation are orderly and cheaper tools which able to identify important temporal patterns, characteristic distinct molecular character of tumor states and other related aspects, which include tumor identification and heterogeneity, progression and metastasis, and medication resistance.

Tissue Regenerative medication is the model of renewal and restoration of damaged or destroyed tissues. As the segment for organ development and tissue restoration, stem cells have different and vast-ranging ability, thus describing their ability application and uses to tissue regenerative medication. The identification that compatible model of molecular procedure drive organ development and after birth tissue regeneration has remarkable implications for a different of cytological diseases beyond renewal biology. The examination analysis that organ-specific stem cells acquire all of the changed cells within a given tissue has led to the acceptance of a stem cell inheritance pattern for tissue development, maintenance, and repair. Extending the tissue stem cell hierarchical model to tissue tumorigenesis may transform the pattern in which we form a concept of cancer medication. A basic understanding of stem cell biology is dominant to stay knowledgeable of this mixing technology and the go along with discovery in this with field the ability in clinical application and uses.

Vaccines are medication which helps our body to fight against disease. Vaccine can train are immune system to search and damage or destroy harmful micro-organisms, germs, and cells. There are various kind of vaccines that we receive throughout our life to prevent common sickness or illness. There are also vaccines available for tumor or cancer. There are vaccines which prevent tumor and treatment of cancer. There are vaccinations which prevent people from getting particular cancers caused by viruses. This type of vaccine will only work if a person gets the vaccination before they are infected with the virus.

Research into the molecular biology of hepatocarcinogenesis has known some biomarkers, which could offer additional evidence in order to better comprehend the biology of HCC. An abundance of biomarkers have been shown to have possible analytical implication and a wide variety of molecular markers have been verified to be excellent diagnostic tools for HCC yet it is hard to expose HCC with a single biomarker. Then, marks of a mix of biomarkers might be more imperative for the finding, arranging and visualization of HCC.

Coronaviruses are the large group of viruses. SARS-CoV- 2 is a novel which caused a pandemic of disease named COVID-19, anyone who expose to infection and developing COVID-19. Recently, it not known that history of cancer patient increases the risk for some sickness or illness from COVID-19. Cancer and its treatment can weaken immune system and reduce your potential to against fight infections. The immune system protects our body against illness and infection caused by viruses like COVID-19.

Cancer nanotechnology is the application and uses of Nano meter product towards the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The unique properties of nanomaterial and the connection with cells in and around the tumor micro-environment are enabling new aspects in cancer biology and therapy. The huge of applications of nanotechnology towards cancer continues to expand with exciting new developments in combination treatments, cancer immunotherapy, molecular detection, and imaging.

Scientist will provide a unique forum where scientists at every stage of their career can share unpublished, cancer discovery made possible by the use of nano particles or nano-materials. This meeting will particularly focus on two ends of the spectrum in cancer research: deepening our fundamental understanding of the interactions of nano -materials with tumors and the laboratory favourable environment, and translation of cancer nanotechnology out of the lab and into the clinic. The event will bring together a lively group of exceptional scientists in order to

(i) share cutting-edge discovery in cancer nanotechnology by expertise representing the wide range of biological sciences, engineering, and medication;

(ii) Discussion, presenting of ideas, and promote collaborations,

(iii) Enhance growth of fresh researcher during promoting variety.

Genetics is the field of biology that looks at how character passed down from parents to their children through genes. Alteration in genes called mutation, which play an important role in the building blocks of tumor. Alteration in gene can cause a cell to make proteins that affect cell growth and division into new cells. This type of alteration in genes leads to out of control cells, which can cause cancer.

It’s important to range the awareness about cancer and crucial to stay away from myth and misconceptions. The internet full of myths and misconceptions related to cancer which stop patient from getting diagnosed on time and availing treatments.

This event tries to present cancer myths and misconceptions vs facts to make you aware of this disease

The main agenda is to focus on new translational advances in the treatment of cancer as well as provide updates of predictable therapies for the number of the most common tumor types. The major emphasis will be clinical features of cancer treatment in this century with debate of important scientific advances underlying the novel methods still in preclinical development.

Cancer patient Nurse is a professional who take cares of Cancer patients. Cancer patient nursing care could be defined as the expert care and completing the needs of patients during the time of their disease, while may involve some screening methods and preventive measures that should be taken care of patient care, fatigue, infection etc.

Continuous malignant tumor drug discovery and development is vital to seek out an entire cure for cancer. Because of the drug resistance developed by tumor cells for existing treatments, this is often changing into a compulsory approach to fight the illness.

• Scientific investigations on inhibitors of stop CHK1 will be another milestone for antineoplastic drug discovery approach.

• Cancer cells are specifically dependent on molecular chaperones and related proteins that regulate homeostasis. These are promising targets for new anticancer therapies.

• Deregulated necrobiosis is hallmark of cancer and Bcl-2 family of proteins are crucial to mediating the pathway of this method. Inhibiting their method may be a big approach for developing new malignant tumor medication. Several plant sources are noted to be valuable sources of novel anti-cancer properties.

Malignant growth is to a point sort of common sickness. For the foremost half, this category should incorporate simply people United Nations agency are noticeable for being created due by malignant growth, especially, the people United Nations agency have promptly taken associate degree interest in the open policy of problems associated with sickness. As we want to take individuals' eudemonia. Information regarding individuals' eudemonia, as well as their state of affairs as a malignancy survivor, ought to faithfully be featured by high caliber, non-independently printed solid supply. By perceptive category people causes malignancy,United Nations agency has terminated from cancer growth or its treatment for people.