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21st World Congress on Cancer and Diagnostics, will be organized around the theme “Explore the Recent Innovative Treatment & Diagnostic of Oncology ”

World Cancer 2021 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in World Cancer 2021

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The future of cancer management is anticipated to be deeply dependent upon the employment of biomarkers which will guide physicians at each step of malady management. Cancer biomarkers may be used for the correct analysis and management of the malady in several stages. They’ll be helpful for predicting many outcomes throughout the course of malady as well as early detection, outcome prediction and detection of malady return. Cancer biomarkers are sometimes biological molecules found in blood, alternative body fluids, or tissues that have been a proof of a standard or abnormal method, or of a condition or disease.

  • Track 1-1Genetic biomarkers
  • Track 1-2Pathological biomarkers
  • Track 1-3In silico biomarkers
  • Track 1-4Imaging biomarkers
  • Track 1-5Glycoprotein biomarkers

Nanotechnology will offer fast and sensitive detection of cancer-related molecules, facultative scientists to discover molecular changes even once they occur solely in a very little share of cells. Engineering conjointly has the potential to get entirely novel and extremely effective therapeutic agents. Nanotechnology provides researchers with the chance to check and manipulate macromolecules in real time and through the earliest stages of cancer progression.

  • Track 2-1Tumor targeting
  • Track 2-2Quantum dots
  • Track 2-3Silicone Nanoparticles
  • Track 2-4Carbon Nanotubes
  • Track 2-5Passive Targeting via EPR

Therapeutic cancer vaccines are supported specific stimulation of the system mistreatment tumors Associate in nursing antigens to elicit an anticancer response. All the same, therapeutic cancer vaccines are still thought-about as a method that fails to demonstrate clinical advantages. Indeed, in comparison to alternative recently developed immunotherapies like immune stop blockade (ICB) or automobile T-cell therapies, therapeutic vaccines still show only a few outcomes within the institution of clinical responses in advanced cancer patients.

  • Track 3-1Oncoviruses
  • Track 3-2Oncolytic Viral Therapies
  • Track 3-3Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
  • Track 3-4HPV & Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Track 3-5Personalized Cancer Vaccines

A prognostic biomarker provides info regarding the patients overall cancer outcome, notwithstanding medical care, while a prophetical biomarker offers info regarding the impact of a therapeutic intervention. Predictive cancer biomarkers hold the promise of early cancer detection, personalized treatment, and correct patient observation. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Ninth Annual prognosticative Cancer Biomarkers conference can target current analysis relating to tumor pathways and biomarker discovery, the progress toward clinical applications like early detection and medical care observation, and case studies specializing in clinical utility and action ability. Prognostic biomarkers allow for the selection of patients who need more intensive surveillance or adjuvant therapy.

  • Track 4-1Tumor specific molecules
  • Track 4-2DNA methylation
  • Track 4-3Germ line mutations
  • Track 4-4Micro-RNA level
  • Track 4-5Cytogenetic abnormalities

Immunotherapy cancer treatment could be a kind of targeted medical aid or biological medical aid that uses the body’s natural system to kill cancer cells. Therapy for cancer is thought by alternative names like immuno-oncology. Immunotherapy treatment devised for cancer patients helps their body’s system to fight the cancer cells. Immunotherapy has proved useful within the treatment of most cancer varieties. the assorted common sorts of cancer which will be treated with therapy embrace carcinoma, some skin cancers (particularly melanoma), excretory organ cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancers, lymphoma. Not as wide used as radiotherapy, surgery or therapy, some studies indicate that therapy has shown 20-30% positive results on the patients. Types of immunotherapy for cancer:-

  • Monoclonal antibodies will facilitate the system to search out cancer cells by intrusive with the proteins of the cancer cells in order that they come into view to the immune cells.
  • Cytokines are a kind of macromolecule that helps the body destroys abnormal or dangerous cells. Cytokines embrace proteins like lymphocyte and antiviral drug.
  • Checkpoints discuss with the proteins gift on the surface of T-cells (killer cells within the immune system) that flip ‘on’ in response to a threat and switch ‘off’ once required. This helps to activate and deactivate the killing functions of the T-cells
  • Cancer vaccines are designed to spot bound super molecule markers on cancer cells. they will then work to inhibit the expansion of abnormal cells, take away abnormal growths that couldn’t be reached with alternative treatments, and forestall the re-growth of cancer cells. 
  • The foremost common form of adoptive cell transfer automobile T-cell medical care (CAR- mythical creature matter Receptor). Doctors take a sample of T-cells from the patient, genetically engineer them so they will differentiate them cancer from traditional cells, multiply these changed T-cells, and come them to the patient’s body.

Cancer is treated in many ways in which, counting on every person's medical condition and sort of cancer. Common treatments involve therapy and therapy. Different treatments embrace surgery and biological therapies.

  • Track 6-1Radiation therapy
  • Track 6-2Immunotherapy
  • Track 6-3Chemotherapy
  • Track 6-4Hormone therapy
  • Track 6-5Blood and bone marrow transplant
  • Track 6-6Biologic therapy
  • Track 6-7Biologic therapy

Growing prevalence of oncological cases, constant technological advancements in medical specialty and increasing demand for effective screening tests are a number of the prime factors spur the demand for screening tools across the globe. Additionally, rising awareness and adjunct government initiatives are some further factors that are anticipated to spice up the expansion of the arena throughout the forecast amount.

A thorough associate degreed correct cancer diagnosing is that the beginning in developing an personalized cancer treatment set up. Once you 1st visit one in all our hospitals, we are going to perform an entire array of diagnostic tests to accurately make sure your diagnosing and set up your personalized treatment.

  • Various kinase enzymes are important in control of cell growth and the replication cycle. These can act as regulators of cell division checkpoints to insure the integrity of DNA replication through sensing DNA damage and initiating repair, while halting cell cycle. Many cancerous cells are deficient in DNA damage checkpoints due to deletion or mutation in p53 pathway. This provides an opportunity to selectively target tumor cells to enhance the ionization effect or widely used DNA damaging cancer chemotherapies.

As roaring as researchers are in exploitation engineering science to deal with and solve several vital queries within the laboratory, the last word live of the field’s success lies within the translation of analysis discoveries to the clinic. Currently, multiple nanotechnology-enabled diagnostic and therapeutic agents area unit in clinical trials, and plenty of additional area unit nearing that goal.

  • Track 9-1Design of clinical trials in the new era
  • Track 9-2Monitoring of trials and statistics
  • Track 9-3Expanded access trials
  • Track 9-4Ethics and patients’ rights

Most of the tumors aren't cancerous. The cancerous tumors are referred to as malignant tumors. In general, medicine implies the study of malignant tumors or cancer. The doctor WHO practices medicine is A medical specialist. There are completely different styles of oncologists. People who specialize in surgery are referred to as surgical oncologists. People who specialize in actinotherapy are referred to as radiation oncologists. People who specialize in the care of persons with cancer and administer therapy are medical oncologists.

  • Track 10-1Neuro-cancer
  • Track 10-2Gastrointestinal cancer
  • Track 10-3Breast cancer
  • Track 10-4Gynecologic cancer
  • Track 10-5Geriatric cancer
  • Track 10-6Genitourinary cancer
  • Track 10-7Pain and palliative cancer
  • Track 10-8Ocular cancer
  • Track 10-9Nuclear medicine cancer
  • Track 10-10Head and neck cancer
  • Track 10-11Hemato-cancer
  • Track 10-12Pediatric cancer
  • Track 10-13Bone and musculoskeletal cancer

Continuous malignant tumor drug discovery and development is vital to seek out an entire cure for cancer. Because of the drug resistance developed by tumor cells for existing treatments, this is often changing into a compulsory approach to fight the illness.

  •  Scientific investigations on inhibitors of stop CHK1 will be another milestone for antineoplastic drug discovery approach.
  • Cancer cells are specifically dependent on molecular chaperones and related proteins that regulate homeostasis. These are promising targets for new anticancer therapies.
  • Deregulated necrobiosis is hallmark of cancer and Bcl-2 family of proteins are crucial to mediating the pathway of this method. Inhibiting their method may be a big approach for developing new malignant tumor medication. Several plant sources are noted to be valuable sources of novel anti-cancer properties.

Cancer screening tests goal to seek out cancer early, before it causes symptoms and once it should be easier to treat with success. Effective screening tests square measure those that:

  • Scale back the prospect that somebody World Health Organization screened often can die from the cancer.

  • Have additional potential advantages than harms. (Possible harms of screening tests include hemorrhage or alternative physical harm, inaccurate take a look at results, and over diagnosis—the designation of cancers that will not have caused issues and failed to want treatment.)

  •  Diagnosis of cancer at its earliest stages typically provides the most effective likelihood for a cure.

Pharmacology deals with the action of drugs within the body. Cancer pharmacology deals with the medication utilized in cancer treatment, their mechanism of action, their aspect effects and their mode of elimination. Combination of medication and their efficaciousness has been a serious selection of analysis interest.

  • Track 13-1Cancer medication
  • Track 13-2Anti-cancer medication mechanism of action
  • Track 13-3Cancer medication absorption and Distribution
  • Track 13-4Cancer medication
  • Track 13-5Metabolism Side Effects of artificial medication in Cancer Treatment

Many factors impact the event of cancer. Over the last 25 years, science has displayed that diet, weight, and physical activity —especially being overweight or obese—are leading risk factors for obtaining certain sorts of cancer. Around a 3rd of the foremost common cancers might be blocked through lifestyle changes. the most behavioral and environmental risk factors for cancer death within the world are associated with diet and physical inactivity, the use of addictive substances, sexual and reproductive health, and exposure to pollution, and the use of contaminated needles. The body’s ability to confront cancer could also be helped by succeeding in a healthy diet, staying physically active, and escaping excess body fat. Cancer and cancer treatments also can alter your body's ability to tolerate certain foods and use nutrients.

Malignant growth is to a point sort of common sickness. For the foremost half, this category should incorporate simply people United Nations agency are noticeable for being created due by malignant growth, especially, the people United Nations agency have promptly taken associate degree interest in the open policy of problems associated with sickness. As we want to take individuals' eudemonia. Information regarding individuals' eudemonia, as well as their state of affairs as a malignancy survivor, ought to faithfully be featured by high caliber, non-independently printed solid supply. By perceptive category people causes malignancy. for people, United Nations agency has terminated from cancer growth or its treatment.

  • Track 15-1Breast Cancer Saviour
  • Track 15-2Colorectal Cancer Saviour
  • Track 15-3Kidney Cancer Saviour
  • Track 15-4Liver Cancer Saviour
  • Track 15-5Lung Cancer Saviour
  • Track 15-6Pediatrics Cancer Saviour
  • Track 15-7Testicular Cancer Saviour

Diagnostic testing involves tests and procedures to verify the presence of malady and determine the right tumor sort, location, extent and stage. We have a tendency to use refined diagnostic technology to pinpoint and judge tumors, and develop a customized treatment arrange.

  • Track 16-1Cancer diagnosis
  • Track 16-2A review of health history
  • Track 16-3 Physical examination
  • Track 16-4Laboratory tests Biopsy
  • Track 16-5Imaging tests
  • Track 16-6Endoscopy
  • Track 16-7 Nuclear Medicine

A multidisciplinary path manage redesign has been connected during a sort of settings in clinical oncology, especially among patients with stomach and colorectal malignancy. Multidisciplinary care fuses different orders that current assets to enhance treatment designs and builds up patients of life. In spite of the very fact that the commitment of clinical drug specialists as a serious aspect of the multidisciplinary group within the oncology division. Malignant growth Drugs were connected so on treat the disease and lessening indications of the disease, and reactions, for instance , queasiness. Specialists would treat the malignant growth patients with a minimum of two medications that were utilized in chemotherapy and once during a while with different meds, for instance, steroids. Hostile to malignancy drugs kill disease cells by anticipating development or impeding augmentation at certain point in their life cycles.

  • Track 17-1Theoretical Medicines
  • Track 17-2Anti-Metabolite Drugs
  • Track 17-3Alkylating Agents
  • Track 17-4Microtubule Inhibitor
  • Track 17-5Steroid Hormones
  • Track 17-6Miscellaneous Agents
  • Track 17-7Natural Agents
  • Track 17-8HMT Inhibitors
  • Track 17-9Biological Respond Modifier

It is another unified region inclusive of organic, measurable, and computational sciences. Now a day’s bioinformatics modification is the foremost part utilized for the special growth investigation. Ribosomal S6 protein kinase 4 (RSK4) may be a fundamental novel tumor silencer that binds carcinoma cell development and commence senescence. Employing pair proclivity cleaning we got protein blocks that associates with RSK4 or RSK4m. The bulk range diagnosis was executed to aggregate the acquired protein edifices, and bioinformatics probe was performed.

  • Track 18-1Bioinformatics Gene
  • Track 18-2Bioinformatics Drug
  • Track 18-3Biology Bioinformatics
  • Track 18-4Translational Bioinformatics
  • Track 18-5Cancer Bioinformatics

Clinical Radiation oncology (radiotherapy/radiation therapy) is a medical specialty that is a vital part of an integrative path to cancer treatment. High energy x rays (photons) are chiefly used to delivered through a defined accelerator. These therapeutic X- rays are bland and deceptive and are used for the treatment of number of cancers. The Radiotherapy/radiation is a medical care is broadly speaking metameric into Teleradiotherapy, Brachy-radiotherapy and Metabolic radiation.


  • Track 19-1Radiation Therapies & Techniques
  • Track 19-2Radiobiology
  • Track 19-3Curative Radiation Therapy
  • Track 19-4Radiation Physics
  • Track 19-5Medical Imaging
  • Track 19-6Nuclear Medicine

A diagnostic assay/surgery/biopsy is that the removal of tissue from any a part of the body to look at it for sickness. Some could take away a little tissue sample with a needle whereas others could surgically take away a suspicious nodule or lump. a diagnostic {test diagnostic assay} could also be performed with the assistance of Associate in Nursing imaging test, like Associate in Nursing ultrasound, CT scan, or imaging.

  • Track 20-1Cancer imaging test
  • Track 20-2CT-scan test
  • Track 20-3Tissue sample examination
  • Track 20-4Biopsy for cancer