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MEDizzy is the world’s fastest growing medical learning community. Together with our network of partners we educate over 10 million now and future healthcare professionals.We provide an innovative technology designed to enable quick and easy access to the latest medical knowledge. We offer unique medical learning experience appreciated by HCPs from over 120 countries.

Vydya Health – Makes Relief Accessible. Find Providers, Shop for Products to get Relief.

Find providers from conventional, complementary and alternative care for professional help.

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Medical Tourism Directory Est. 2015 is a user friendly and professional facilitator website, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The goal is to connect patients, from any country in the world, with hospitals which offer medical treatment to international patients.

By using the Medical Tourism Directory, patients can;
– Get faster access to medical healthcare than in the home country,
– Get cheaper medical treatment than in the home country,
– Get discrete medical care,
– For some medical treatments it is possible to combine vacation with healthcare or cosmetic treatment.