Cancer Biomakers

Cancer biomarkers are biological molecules or substances that are produced by cancer cells or by the body in response to cancer. These biomarkers can be found in a patient's blood, urine, or tissue samples, and can be used to help diagnose cancer, monitor its progression, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

Cancer biomarkers are of various types which includes genetic biomarkers, protein biomarkers, and imaging biomarkers. Genetic biomarkers are DNA mutations or alterations that can be used to identify specific types of cancer or predict a patient's response to treatment. Protein biomarkers are specific proteins that are produced by cancer cells or by the body in response to cancer. Imaging biomarkers are characteristics seen on medical imaging tests that can indicate the presence or progression of cancer.

The use of cancer biomarkers in diagnosis and treatment has the potential to improve patient outcomes by enabling earlier detection and more personalized treatment plans. However, it is important to note that not all cancer biomarkers are equally reliable, and further research is needed to validate their use in clinical practice.

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